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Youth Empowerment for Sustainability (Y.E.S.)

  • Responsive learning experiences

  • Contributes to Literacy

  • Sustainable career pathway

  • Original digital artifacts in a rapidly evolving digital culture.

Say yes to youth empowerment today!

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A Young Man Writing

Step 1
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

It's never too early or too late to learn the personal and social skills necessary for thriving in a rapidly evolving digital culture. Our international EQ curriculum helps youth develop and identify positive book character traits necessary for digital authorship (protagonist and antagonist).

This step is recommended for all youth to emotionally self regulate and feel empowered to contribute positively to society.

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Step 2
Computational Thinking (CT)

Contrary to what many people believe, Computational Thinking does not require coding or programing skills. Rather, it is a step by step approach to innovation, creativity, and efficiency. In the writing context, we apply computational thinking to follow a step by step process and produce original digital writing (book pages, sequence of events, cause and effect, and chapters).


Computational thinking is beneficial to everyone seeking to thrive in a dynamic digital culture. We need it to be successful at home, school and business. Therefore, advanced solutions and creativity are dependent on a thought process that produces original digital artifacts such as published digital writing.

This step is crucial for all youth and can be applied successfully in all aspects of life.

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Step 3
Digital Authorship

Gone are the days when concepts are only taught from a theoretical point of view. Emerging technologies make it possible for digital citizens to experience and practice creativity that leads them to develop innovative mindsets and produce original digital artifacts.

Youth Empowerment for Sustainability (Y.E.S.) creates real world opportunities for students to produce digital artifacts and participate in the global economy of international authorship, publishing, and sales revenue.

They are able to accomplish this after participating in steps 1 and 2 of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Computational Thinking (CT) to develop positive character traits and necessary sequence for organizing an original storyline in electronic formats. These experiences in EQ and CT inspire the plot for their e-book, which we will guide them to produce and publish electronically. 


We're truly excited about empowering youth to contribute to literacy and the global economy in a sustainable way.

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