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In collaboration with sustainability experts and businesses in local communities, we work together with parents, students, and educators to provide one of United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) in Quality Education (SDG 4). Our purpose is to engage all stakeholders to drive excellence and transform the world through Quality Education, one school at a time.

We accomplish this through our advocacy initiative called "Adopt Our School". It is a funding campaign that carefully incorporates all the necessary steps in the child adoption process. The purpose is to encourage local businesses to bring positive change by adopting the educational needs of children with innovative solutions, one school at a time. Think about us as an "adoption agency" that serves to guide the adoption process.


As part of the "Social License to Operate", local businesses can help improve quality of life through quality education (SDG 4). The unique educational needs of each community are identified by our local educators for our local youth, and funded by the local businesses.

Adopt Our School campaign seeks to solve the problem of ambiguity for social return on investment (SRoI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to achieve one of The United Nations Sustainability Goals on Quality Education (SDG4). Businesses will focus on what they do best without guessing the needs of educators or compromising social returns on investment. In partnership with sustainability experts, we step in to take away the ambiguity of making a sustainable impact for Quality Education (SDG 4).


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It's a WIN WIN!

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