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Every child is unique. Simple. Educators recognize this fact; however, the school day is not designed to accommodate each child's unique interests as well as learning needs. For this reason, some students struggle to demonstrate mastery in Reading and Writing competencies. If your child seems to struggle with either or both, look no further. We provide one on one or small group reading and writing services for K-12 learners. Our literacy support may be delivered in virtual or face to face settings. 

Our customized approach for real world impact

First, we initiate each literacy service with an informal assessment of your child's reading performance and share our findings with you. If applicable, you are welcome to share a diagnosis from the school or Psychologist, describing a reading or writing disorder.


Next, we customize our Literacy program to help your child make academic progress and positive improvement in real world settings beyond the school environment; therefore, we incorporate and apply these two essential skills into our Literacy curriculum:

1. Computational Thinking (CT)

2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 

Computational Thinking is a relevant skill for anyone to develop and apply step by step processes for problem solving. On the other hand, Emotional Intelligence builds character in anyone by developing personal and social awareness as well as strategies for sustaining these levels of awareness in multiple settings including virtual settings. This means your learner will learn strategies for developing a sense of self, personal and social management skills. We help your child grow as a reader and writer in ways that support positive behaviors, positive character traits, self confidence, positive relationships and storytelling strength at home or school.

To enroll your learner in our unique literacy program, we are currently offering the following options:

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