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Smart Entrepreneurship

It's a smart business when solutions are data-driven and customized.

Manual processes work against scalability and sustainability goals for any business. Entrepreneurs who spend more time than necessary on a task or process devalue their time. Therefore, they risk profitability, employee efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneurs need innovative ways to create effective and efficient processes for employees and solutions for customers. The competitive business landscape and the dynamic demands of customers in an evolving digital culture create an ideal opportunity for smart solutions.


We take a data driven approach to help entrepreneurs reflect on what makes their business unique and how they would like to improve practices based on their unique business interests. Customized learning experiences are designed to guide entrepreneurs to develop an understanding of computational thinking and its application across multiple facets of a business.

Effective and Efficient

Effective and efficient entrepreneurs reflect on relevant data to create sustainable processes and solutions. 

Our online classes are customized to guide entrepreneurs to lead, collaborate, design and facilitate the implementation of 21st century solutions for business.

To find out how you are doing as an effective and efficient entrepreneur, click here to activate your FREE Globyte status. Next you will receive access to our FREE entrepreneur reflection guide to help us know the online classes that meet your business needs.

Businessman analyzing a business analyti
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