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Digital Citizenship

Today's parents are digital immigrants who are faced with raising digital natives. It's a catch up game that requires a smart approach before it is too late.


Inappropriate use of technology is a growing concern among parents for their children. Youth are spending too many unproductive hours on technology - playing video games, watching inappropriate content, and being distracted during virtual/remote learning. Simply put, what we call "digital truancy" is on the rise.

Our first step is to understand the specific concerns parents have for their youth regarding digital responsibilities. We have designed an innovative approach to guide parents with smart solutions for these growing concerns. We use a smart reflection guide to help parents identify the specifics. The data from our smart guide helps us make recommendations for parents on specific digital citizenship classes that meets their interests for smart parenting.


Each class is designed with 21st century actionable insights to empower your child. Parents who commit to enrolling their children in our program, while consistently implement the actionable insights at home will observe their children become productive digital citizens who leverage emerging technologies safely, legally, and ethically.

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