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Ages 9-12: June 14-18; June 21-25; June 28-July 2, 2021 (3 weeks)

Ages 13-16: July 5- 9; July 12-16; July 19-23, 2021 (3 weeks total)

Details: Campers have the option of participating for 1 , 2 or 3 weeks. However, each week builds on activities from prior week, but can be experienced independently in a writing context.

Price: 199/week; $349 for 2 weeks or $450 for 3 weeks. 

Week 1: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Campers will have opportunities to understand and apply EQ skills necessary for successfully managing personal and social interactions in rapidly evolving digital environments.

Week 2: Computational Thinking (CT) - Campers will continue to apply emotional intelligence (EQ) to  analyze and evaluate attributes of computational reasoning relevant for creating original digital artifacts. 

Week 3: Digital Authorship - As a culminating activity, campers will apply acquired skills in EQ and CT for personal and content development to produce original Digital literature to be published on electronic platforms.

Camp Registration

1. Use the drop down menu on this page to select your weekly camp package and Add to Cart and View Cart  at the top of the page; then, follow steps to make payment. 

If you do NOT have a Paypal account you may use our phone number to make payment by Zelle  (470-331-0347). 

2. Use the registration form below to register your virtual campers. Upon completion, a Paypal link for payment will appear, if you have already made payment, please ignore it. Otherwise use it to conveniently complete payment for the correct amount above.

Terms and Conditions: Payments are nonrefundable. Campers and parents are required to adhere to all positive codes of conduct communicated via all LES & KAY channels of communication throughout the duration of virtual camps. The publishing platform used for digital authorship and self-publishing is an open source platform and all participants are required to adhere to all terms and conditions stipulated by all open source platforms and third party websites. If parents do not meet the requirements for their children to self-publish on the open source platform, LES & KAY Learning Solutions may offer to self-publish for the campers as a third party publisher for 10% of royalties after the open source publisher has charged its percentage. LES & KAY royalties will last for the same duration of the published artifact as that of the open source publisher and will end when agreement ends with the open source publisher. Campers agree NOT to plagiarize. All parents and participants will not hold LES & KAY Learning Solutions and its affiliates, members or employees liable for any legal disagreement or misunderstanding arising from participation throughout this digital writing experience. Parents are responsible for their children at home throughout the virtual experiences. Parents are also responsible for monitoring online activities of their children should their children make off-task attempts to visit other websites not advised by the camp instructors. All electronic communication directed towards specific campers and families are only intended for their communication alone and must not be forwarded or shared with other parties. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we look forward to working with your digital citizen. Participation may expose campers and their families to original ideas from other students. Campers agree to respect the original works of fellow campers and adhere to copyright laws. We reserve the right to publish excerpts and titles of your camper’s creative works on affiliate social media and websites for public media. However, LES & KAY Learning Solutions will not publish student personal information such as date of birth, full e-book.

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