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Literacy is one of our super powers.


You want your child to succeed. So do we. Now that we have established a common purpose, let us share with you, how we help your child to succeed in Reading and Writing.

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Whether your child is a traditional reader who likes to flip the pages of books or a digital reader who prefers the clicks of an electronic device for reading, we cater to your child's reading needs. Our priority is to ensure your child comprehends the material being read. Even better, we want each material to be of significance to your child's personal interests as well as academic goals. How do we accomplish this? 

We initiate each reading service with an informal assessment of your child's reading needs, which we will share with you. Next, we incorporate research-based strategies to support your child in achieving specific comprehension goals. For more information, please visit our literacy page.


Writing is an expressive form of language, which is not limited to academic tasks only. Our ability to read and write may be developed to a very high level of creativity and significance. Depending on the needs and interests of each learner, we provide tailored writing support to supplement academic activities or pursue personal interests beyond academic goals.

For example, a student may need help with grammar and punctuation, while another student needs support organizing ideas when writing for an academic purpose. For academic support, please visit our literacy page for more information.


Beyond the academic setting, students may have an interest to complete and publish a story with an exciting plot. If this option interests your learner, please visit our Digital Authorship page for more information.

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