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Globyte Status

Smart digital citizens connect and collaborate around the globe.

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Smart Community

Your Globyte status allows you access to a community of smart collaborators and resources necessary for innovative thinking at home and school. Our purpose is to provide a smart platform and encourage dynamic networking among like minded educators and parents from any part of the globe. 

Why Become A Globyte?

  • Globyte status is required to experience any of our innovative virtual learning experiences and services for parents and educators.

  • Power your digital learning with FREE Digital Digest subscription when you activate your Globyte status.

  • Learn from a smart Globyte network of parents and educators around the globe. 

  • Get FREE bytes of our virtual Learning experiences to empower your learner

  • Enjoy digital literature from our Globyte Library

  • Stay Inspired and motivate your digital citizens.

Click here to earn your FREE Globyte Status.

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