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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for online courses?

We are so excited that you want to join our Globyte community of learners. First, sign up for the FREE Globyte membership. Next, click on your specific role to take a self reflection guide that meets your interest as a parent, educator, or entrepreneur

What is the difference between online courses and Digital Digest

Great question! Online courses may be purchased separately by topic. Whereas, Digital Digest is a subscription service with ongoing supply of inclusive resources on a variety of innovation topics. Access to Digital Digest ends when Globytes end their subscription. 

Are there free classes available from LES & KAY?

Of Course! We pride ourselves in providing customized online courses tailored to your needs for home business, or school. Your first class is always FREE. Before taking your first FREE class, you will also receive a FREE reflection guide. Sign up to activate your Globyte status your FREE reflection guide and FREE class as a parent, or educator.

How do I get featured on LES & KAY Digital Digest?

First, activate your Globyte status to get access to 100% of our Globyte resources including Digital Digest. You will receive invitation to submit innovation news about your student or school for an opportunity to be featured. Click here to join our FREE Globyte Community and select the option to subscribe to Digital Digest Community.

How can I access the Tech. Lab for Kids?

Globytes and Digital Digest Community are first to be notified when there is a Tech Bytes event, which sells out very fast. Register here for your FREE Globyte status to be notified.

What supports are available for becoming successful in virtual environments at home and school?

We empathize with everyone regarding the sudden shift to virtual settings for learning and conducting business. Given that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a higher indicator of success than Intelligence Quotient (IQ), we have consulted with EQ experts to design interactive virtual camps for supporting our Globyte community to thrive in virtual settings. Visit our Virtual Camp page for additional information on how to develop personal and social competence necessary for succeeding in virtual environments.

Keyboard and Mouse

What Our Clients Say

Kazich School

Kazich School, Abuja.

Exactly what we needed for our teachers to support learners with emerging technologies. Thanks you, LES & KAY Learning Solutions.

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