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Learning Solutions

Emerging technologies continually create the need to generate smart (data-driven) learning solutions for 21st century educators, youth and parents. Therefore, we continually develop advanced skills for navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape to benefit parents, educators, and youth. Our innovative learning solutions are offered in virtual and face to face settings to successfully implement initiatives that support e-learners to make real world impact.

Our approach is always data-driven to meet the varying needs and interests of each learner.. Therefore, we gather relevant information to know your needs and deliver a responsive learning experience to responsively shape the digital citizen for real world impact.



​We believe in leveraging the power of technology to deliver innovative services to more consumers. Hence, the reason 100% of our services have the option of virtual delivery with the same rigor and effectiveness.


Here's an overview of our Education Consulting process to empower your innovative learning experiences

  1. Online application and selection process

  2. Kick off, and onboarding event 

  3. Reflection Guide and Needs Analysis to generate data-driven recommendations 

  4. Smart Solutions of customized E-Learning Experiences, online resources, virtual coach, etc. 

  5.  Progress Monitoring Plan to measure impact of virtual learning experiences

  6. Continuous Improvement supports to help parents and educators continue to empower and engage the whole child with safe, legal and ethical virtual learning experiences. 


Mrs. Lemon

The Kazich school, Abuja.

Mr. Patrick



Our services have the option to be delivered in virtual or face to face settings; therefore, we strive to encourage an engaged and connected community of emotionally intelligent e-learners, parents, educators, digital citizens, computational thinkers, and like minded individuals. Our goal is to constantly keep you engaged with access to 21st century topics, e-learning solutions, resources, and actionable insights to empower your learner with virtual learning experiences. 

Upcoming virtual camps:

Daily Time: 12-2pm Eastern Time

Theme: Emotional Intelligence for Succeeding in Dynamic Virtual Environments

Dates: Elementary (June 14-18);  Middle School (June 21-25).

Theme: Computational Thinking for Innovative Mindsets

Dates: Elementary (June 5-9);  Middle School (June 12-16);  High School (June 19-23).


LES and KAY Learning Solutions delivers a variety of self paced online classes, which make up a course for parents, students, educators, etc. Classes are designed to empower individuals with hands on e-learning, exercises, activities, and resources in their real environments. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive effort to empower e-learners to develop the mindset and skills necessary for leveraging emerging technologies and digital solutions in real world settings.

All courses adhere to recognized, research based international curriculum and standards for integrating modern technologies.


we customize our Literacy program to help your child make academic progress and positive improvement in real world settings beyond the school environment; therefore, we incorporate and apply these two essential skills into our Literacy curriculum: 1. Computational Thinking (CT) 2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 

Computational Thinking is a relevant skill for anyone to develop and apply step by step processes for problem solving. On the other hand, Emotional Intelligence builds character in anyone by developing personal and social awareness as well as strategies for sustaining these levels of awareness in multiple settings including virtual settings. This means your learner will learn strategies for developing a sense of self, personal and social management skills. We help your child grow as a reader and writer in ways that support positive behaviors, positive character traits, self confidence and positive relationships at home or school.


Digital Digest (Newsletters) is an opportunity for Globytes  who are innovation enthusiasts to exchange monthly inspiration with one another. For example, schools may submit their innovation news to be featured on our network. The selected school will be notified in advance and published on the featured month to inspire fellow Globytes. This is our way of creating an inclusive and collaborative network for all Globyte network of parents, and educators. 

Digital Discourse (Training) is different from Digital Digest. Digital Discourse is an interactive opportunity to receive virtual training and exposure on global trends for innovative learning experiences in real time. Professionals, Parents and educators may collaborate, receive resources, actionable insights, and and ask questions during Digital Discourse. Request your own topic, or choose from ours (see some suggestions below) and we will deliver on a date that works for your sector.

  • Computational Thinking

  • Project Based Learning

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Youth Leadership

  • Personalized Learning

  • Design Thinking

  • Problem-Based Learning,

  • Technology Integration, etc.

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